Ever Gotten “The Look?”

Ever Gotten “The Look?”
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Sometimes it is a look of guilt.  An appeal for leniency.  Or maybe they are showing you their displeasure at you telling them “no” (again). Whatever the reason, those looks bring about our own emotional responses. Laughter. Head shaking with the obligatory sigh of resignation. An “awwwwwww,” that makes us melt.

Dogs seem to know instinctively how to push those buttons that tie right to our heartstrings.  They naturally know how to work “it.” Just like a young child.  Looking up at you with those big eyes, a head cocked to one side, or raising the “eyebrows,” to furrow the brow, it is hard to stay mad or deny them anything for too long.

Just look at these pictures and see if you could resist.

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