Lost Dog Sneaks into a Police Car and Gets a Ride Home

Lost Dog Sneaks into a Police Car and Gets a Ride Home
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Ruger rides shotgun in Deputy Hammell’s cruiser. Photo: Tuolumne County Sheriff/Facebook


Ruger was lost, but now he’s found.  And really, he sort of found himself.

The black lab was out wandering, far from home on a 20-degree winter night in northern California, likely missing his family.

At the same time, Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Deputy Jon Hammell was out investigating a suspicious vehicle call. Amid his work, he left the door to his patrol car running, its door wide open.

Being lost is exhausting. Photo: Tuolumne County Sheriff/Facebook


Ruger, who clearly has good instincts, took this opportunity to hop in, curl up on the passenger seat and wait for Hammell to return, find him irresistible, and give him a lift home. Which is pretty much exactly what happened.

Per the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page, Ruger’s owners “were very pleased to see him as they had been looking for him all evening.”

Ruger’s collar and tags helped the officer find his house expeditiously. Make sure your dog is wearing one all the time!

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